In the peaceful and pristine scenery of Alwar, the elaborately spread campus of Lords University comes as a much welcomed change. Being a self-financed Private University, Lords University is an endeavour of the Chachan Education & Welfare Society, Chikani, Alwar which has already been a major influence in the educational pursuits of the learners and aspirants from surrounding areas. The Society has been successfully running colleges and school in Chikani since more than a decade and has played a positively significant role in shaping the future of many of its students.

The Lords University was created by the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly by passing the Lords University, Chikani (Alwar) Act, 2018 (Act No. 29 of 2018) on the 5th day of October, 2018.

The Lords University aims to not only facilitate the intellectual, social and ethical learning processes of the young and aspiring minds of the country but also strives to synergistically work towards the common goal of making a propitious difference in their lives.  The University takes pride in its commitment towards developing technically skilled and employable workforce as well as morally and ethically discerning citizens for the country and the global society.

Consistent with its vision and mission, the University employs rigorous curricula and adopts novel and strategic teaching methods for its various courses and programmes, whilst ensuring that the learning process continues to be enjoyable and easy. The Lords University Academic Programmes are distinctly oriented towards fulfilling the needs of the global Industries, Businesses and Academia.

The University also understands its responsibility in providing the learners with an environment conducive to the holistic development of all their faculties without limiting their innate creativity, thus shaping them as effective professionals and well contented human beings.

The University Campus boasts of a seamless articulation of the natural environment with modern amenities and state-of-the-art physical infrastructural elements. The faculty members employed have the expertise, training and the experience required in their subject fields along with the determination to bring out the best in their students. They are also aware of the positive influence and impression they can have on the lives of the students and thus work towards nurturing the talents of individual students while equipping them with the theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experiences required to be the better professionals at the national and international level.

The University is thus geared up to fulfil the bigger dreams of the learners and work hand in hand for a better tomorrow.