Mr. Atal Chachan

Chief Financial Officer

A mathematics and finance graduate from Delhi University and ESADE Business School, Mr. Atal Chachan being the youngest in the team, brings a strenuous energy to the university. His ideas and global experience focus on revitalizing day to day activities and adapting new and innovative approaches.

A man of few words fostering scientific temperament, he has infused fresh perspectives in the regular work environment of Lords University. As a CFO, he visions Lords to achieve world class recognition both academically and infrastructurally in coming 5 years. Believing in educating the diversity, he ensures that financial or social hurdles of students are dealt promptly. He gives credence to teamwork, deliberate decision making and minute details of operations at Lords. He is determined to develop splendid research amenity in the state and accomplish student-centric ingenious curriculum. He seeks incorporation of rules, innovations and affinity making way for students’ all inclusive evolution.