Social Sciences are the dynamic fields of academia that explore various aspects of human society. This branch of science offers disciplines that are dedicated to examining society thereby studying people, their behaviour with each other, their interaction with others and  their development as cultural influencers in the society.

These academic disciplines rely deeply on interpretation and qualitative research methodologies studying the relationship between individuals and society focusing on matters varying from development to operations of society; economic growth to constitutional functioning; from individual happiness to artistic enhancement.

Scholars of this field develop the ability to analyse and observe society in a better disciplined fashion. The study of society and people, the manner in which they influence the world around them helps to understand how our own community works- From the causes of unemployment or what helps economic development, to how and why people vote, or what makes people happy. This stream of knowledge provides overall information for governments, policy makers, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and others.

The course in social sciences provides students a unique blend from different human complexities —cultural, political, and economic thereby gaining deeper understanding to be able to meet the world’s challenges, comprehend society holistically and become better individuals & professionals.

Job Profiles

The stream of social sciences fosters excellence in society scrutiny so as to strengthen the foundation of young intellectuals to become world class citizens who are capable of making judicious & informed decisions when put to responsible positions.

Social Science students opt for careers as Active workers, Civil Services, Charity Officer, Community Development Worker, Equality and Diversity Officer, Human Resource Officer, Intelligence Analysts, Social Researcher and Teacher.

Why study at Lords University?

Exploring  the depths of History, studying the evaluation of human rights and constitution,mesmerising with the opinions of Hobbes and Socrates, scrabbling around current issues like economic fundamentalism and radicalism, the Faculty at Lords University use research led-education pattern to teach the students thereby inculcating research orientation among them. The stream requires teachers to follow an interdisciplinary approach so as to guide students to become world class leaders. The disciplines taught at Lords University, empower students to think with cultural and holistic perspectives so as to execute wisdomful projects.